I know we still have a few months of school left this year, but if you identify with any of the following, we are here with great news!
✂️ Shopping for school supplies doesn’t fill your bucket
✏️ You are an ultra planner
📓 You want to give yourself a gold ⭐️ for having an item on your future to-do list crossed off
🖍️ By the time you get to the store, the bins are mostly empty and you end up with the yellow notebook when you need a blue one
We partner with 1st Day School Supplies to have kits prepared with all the required grade level supplies your student needs for the school year. All you have to do is order and they’ll do the rest. They are delivered directly to the school in August and will be distributed to your student’s classroom waiting for them!
We will also send flyers home after we receive them and of course send out additional reminders before ordering closes in July.

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